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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium

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  • Brian86 Brian86 23.11.2005 14:11 Uhr

    The Chilis Open "Stadium"
    Band plan to release ninth studio album in April

    The Red Hot Chili Peppers have dubbed their ninth studio album Stadium Arcadium, according to Flea, and they plan to release it in April.

    "It's very honest music, and I feel like we improved as craftsmen," said the bassist Friday at the Spike TV Video Game Awards in Los Angeles, where he and lead vocalist Anthony Kiedis were presenters. "We gave all we had to this album."

    The follow-up to 2002's By the Way has been a long time in the making, as the Chili Peppers -- Kiedis, Flea, guitarist John Frusciante and drummer Chad Smith -- wrote and rehearsed for seven months before entering the studio with producer Rick Rubin.

    The band is now in the mixing stage, but Flea said there's quite a lot to mix. "We recorded a huge quantity of music," he said. "We're so in the middle of it, so it's hard to step back and look at it, but we think it's the best stuff we've ever done."


    na endlich mal ein halbwegs manierliches releasedate.... wurde so langsam mal zeit.....

  • Honk850 Honk850 23.11.2005 14:18 Uhr SUPPORTER
    na wenn das mal nicht reicht für den Einwurf in die Gerüchteküche!
    Was sagt ihr dazu ??!!

  • Valmont Valmont 23.11.2005 14:20 Uhr

    Honk850 schrieb:
    na wenn das mal nicht reicht für den Einwurf in die Gerüchteküche!
    Was sagt ihr dazu ??!!

    frag mald ie admins, die sagen da bestimmt was zu

  • StonedHammer StonedHammer 23.11.2005 14:20 Uhr ADMIN

    Neues Album der Peppers 17.11.2005

    Die neue CD von den Red Hot Chili Peppers wird am 31. März 2006 in den Läden stehen, die internationale Presse wird schon Mitte Dezember in Los Angeles in die neuen Songs rein hören können. Die erste Single erscheint am 24. März.


    jep @ val meine meinung kommt gleich dazu

  • Brian86 Brian86 23.11.2005 14:20 Uhr

  • Kaan Kaan 28.12.2005 09:42 Uhr SUPPORTER ADMIN
    In the new NME magazine there is an article on the Chili Peppers in the studio, so READ IT!

    I'll sum up the key points:
    - Album title: Stadium Arcadium.
    - It's a double album containing a total of 25 songs
    - First Single: Danni California
    - Other tracks on the record: Hard To Concentrate, Desecration Smile, Charlie, Snow and Stadium Arcadium.
    - Producer: Rick Rubin.
    - Engineers: Ryan Hewitt and Andrew Schepps.
    - Release date: April 2006.


    In the new Q Magazine (February 2006), there's an article on the Must-Have Albums of 2006, and Stadium Arcadium is #1. If you have a scanner and got the article, a scan of it would be much appreciated, but so far, enjoy Moosha's transcription:

    They Say: "It's heavy, but it's emotionally heavy with lots of beautiful melodies." - Anthony Kiedis

    Holing up in producer Rick Rubin's Los Angeles mansion in mid-2004, a spurt of "good energy" saw them writing 38 songs. "We all contributed equally," says Kiedis. "That hasn't always been the case in the past."

    Originally planning to put out three seperate albums, they instead opted for one 24-track double. Tracks set to appear include Snow (Kiedis: "About having a blank state to start your life over"), Animal Bar and Wet Sand ("About a complicated, dysfunctional woman I've fallen in love with").

    The first single is Dani California, described by Kiedis as "warm, funky, with an uplifting chorus." It picks up the story of a character introduced in the title track of 2002's By The Way.

    "This is where she meets her demise", he says. "There's something beautiful about things gone wrong. But it isn't a depressing record. It's actually all about the joy of dysfunction."

    Expected: May 2006'

  • Edgecution Edgecution 28.12.2005 12:14 Uhr
    Kann´s kaum abwarten...

  • Brian86 Brian86 28.12.2005 12:46 Uhr
    die schwärmen ja ziemlich heftig von ihrem album......da simma ma gespannt

  • Junior Junior 04.01.2006 12:39 Uhr
    Na das wird auch langsam Zeit!
    Ausgezeichneter Termin, da kann man das neue Semester mit RHCP starten

  • 06.01.2006 12:44 Uhr
    Ich finds ja aber trotzdem arm, dass die Single "Danni California" heißt, das Wort California haben die inzwischen echt totgekaut.

  • Brian86 Brian86 06.01.2006 13:22 Uhr

    whisk schrieb:
    Ich finds ja aber trotzdem arm, dass die Single "Danni California" heißt, das Wort California haben die inzwischen echt totgekaut.

    is doch völlig latte wie die songs heißen hauptsache sie sind gut

  • NoelGallagher NoelGallagher 06.01.2006 17:11 Uhr SUPPORTER
    Das neue (Doppel-)Album der Red Hot Chili Peppers wird uns vermutlich doch erst Ende April erreichen. Es soll den Titel "Stadium Arcadium" tragen und laut Sänger Anthony Kiedis hart und melodiös klingen. Die in Kalifornien stattfindenden Aufnahmen mit Langzeit-Produzent Rick Rubin befinden sich derweil in den Endzügen. Nach der Album-Veröffentlichung will sich die Band - beginnend in Nord-Amerika - auf große Welt-Tournee begeben.


  • 06.01.2006 17:22 Uhr

    Brian86 schrieb:

    is doch völlig latte wie die songs heißen hauptsache sie sind gut

    naja, stimmt schon, im prinzip. aber "stören" tut's mich trotzdem.

  • Brian86 Brian86 13.01.2006 20:15 Uhr

    Red Hot Chili Peppers confirm final album details

    'Stadium Arcadium' is out on May 8

    Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced the final details surrounding the release of their new double album.

    'Stadium Arcadium' will hit the shops on May 8 as the successor to 2002's 'By The Way'.

    Originally conceived as a 38-song trilogy, 'Stadium Arcadium' will be a 24-track double LP with titles including the first single 'Dani California', which will precede the album.

    Other songs set to feature are 'Snow', 'Animal Bar', 'Wet Sand', 'Charlie', 'Desecration Smile' and 'Hard To Concentrate'.

    Speaking to NME.COM about the title of the release, singer Anthony Kiedis said: "'Stadium Arcadium', in the end it has a very dreamlike feeling of we on Earth reflecting the cosmos on the heavens, and we on Earth reflecting it because that's where our inspiration comes from. It's more romance of sound or whatever retarded passions exist in your soul. It's kind of a romantic affair."

    The LP also marks the first time the band have managed three consecutive records with the same line-up, following the return of guitarist John Frusciante to the fold for 1999's 'Californication'.

    However, Kiedis refuted the suggestion that this means the band had fully conquered their demons.

    "It feels great, and I hope it stays that way, but I wouldn't say our troubles are all over. In some ways it's good to hold on to a few of your demons... I don't think our troubles are completely over. We're a bit bent in the head and I think that serves us well."

    Red Hot Chili Peppers entered the studio last March with producer Rick Rubin (Beastie Boys, [a]System Of A Down) to start work on 'Stadium Arcadium' and having played three shows at London's Hyde Park eighteen months ago to a total of 300,000 people, the band plan to return to the UK for a tour later this year.


  • Brian86 Brian86 20.01.2006 21:17 Uhr

    Red Hot Chili Peppers To Release Different Versions Of Album

    In previous interviews, including ones with Q Magazine and NME, Anthony Kiedis has told about how the Red Hot Chili Peppers had 38 tracks and that 24 or 25 would be on the upcoming double album, Stadium Arcadium.

    "Slow Cheetah," "Storm in a Tea Cup," "Hard to Concentrate," "C'mon Girl," "Ready Made" and "Desecration Smile" are just a few of the titles that survived the process and will be on every copy of Stadium Arcadium.

    "I think we always [approach the songwriting process] with this mindset that this time, we're going to write the perfect 11 songs and just put out 11 songs like they used to do in the days of Buddy Holly and the Beatles. Those early records were so short and sweet, and had this kind of lasting profound impact on the world because they're very memorable and digestible and, I don't know, maybe it just takes less energy or effort to connect with smaller collections. But as has been the case with every single time we've tried to do that, we end up with 30 some-odd songs. The difference this time was we ended up liking all of those songs and finishing all of those songs and it actually became a very difficult process to even just whittle it down to 25. I think it's sort of the best thing that we've ever done, and I just want to get it out there on the airwaves and in the earholes of the world." said Anthony Kiedis.

    As previously announced, the first single & video will be for "Dani California". AK said the director of the video will be Tony Kaye, who directed "American History X." The video will be character driven about Dani the girl, who has made appearances on the previous 2 Chili Peppers albums.

    But what to do with the 12 or 13 songs that don't make the labum?

    Bonus tracks.

    Each retail site will get a different version of the album with a different "bonus song". Local, small record stores will get one, iTunes will get one, Wal Mart will get one, etc.

    "We're going to try and do that with the independent record stores across America, and for all the monster chains," he said. "We'll service everybody with a different bonus track, because we have them."

    According to the band's management company, Stadium Arcadium is due May 9 in the states.


  • Brian86 Brian86 09.03.2006 20:55 Uhr
    Hier gibts nen ersten 30-Sekunden-Stream von "Dani Callifornia". So richtig was mit anfangen kann man damit nix, vor allem das 2 1/2 minütige "Intro" des Streams nervt......Naja, müssen wir wohl bis Mai warten.

  • The_Reaper The_Reaper 12.03.2006 20:54 Uhr
    Hört sich aber schon etw. nach By the way an. Hoffentlich sind auch ma wieder Burner drauf, wie sie auf den älteren waren.

  • NoelGallagher NoelGallagher 15.03.2006 08:39 Uhr SUPPORTER

    Mein Fall ist es nicht.

  • Brian86 Brian86 15.03.2006 11:05 Uhr
    Ein Cover hat noch nie was über den Inhalt gesagt.

  • cheffe cheffe 15.03.2006 11:15 Uhr
    hmm, irgendwie musste ich im ersten moment an dieses cover denken...

  • NoelGallagher NoelGallagher 15.03.2006 11:19 Uhr SUPPORTER

    Brian86 schrieb:
    Ein Cover hat noch nie was über den Inhalt gesagt.

    Hab ich ja auch nicht gesagt.

  • Gerry Gerry 15.03.2006 19:47 Uhr
    naja zu den schöneren covern gehört es ja nicht...

  • 15.03.2006 19:51 Uhr
    Tja, sieht scheiße aus. Aber das von den Arctic
    Monkeys auch.

  • The_Reaper The_Reaper 01.04.2006 18:51 Uhr
    Ich eben einen artikel über das Album gelesen. Der John meinte, es wäre das lustigste album sein, was sie bis jetz gemacht haben?!

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