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05.08.2009 11:42

Nebenprojekt von diesen 3 Herren

Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) und John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin). Gerüchten zu Folge könnte auch Mike Patton mit von der Partie sein. Immerhin hat Josh Homme angekündigt, dass seine nächste Arbeit zusammen mit Mike Patton sein wird. Jedoch sind in der Mail lediglich die Logos von den Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age und Led Zep zu sehen.

Josh Homme soll lt. Newsmeldungen an den Drums sitzen, nicht Dave Grohl. Der dürfte dann wohl singen, während John Paul Jones wieder Bass spielt.

In der Mail, die man erhält, wenn man sich auf der Page anmeldet, steht dass am 9. August um 23:59 in Chicago ein Konzert im Metro stattfinden wird. Dort wird man dann vermutlich auch die ersten Ergebnisse hören.
Klingt aber auf jeden Fall mal sehr interessant das ganze, zumindest auf dem Papier.


05.08.2009 11:47

Josh Homme soll lt. Newsmeldungen an den Drums sitzen, nicht Dave Grohl.

Anders rum wäre es mir um einiges lieber, aber ich bin trotzdem mal gespannt.

Patton würde das Projekt für mich jedenfalls nochmals um einiges interessanter gestalten. [addsig]

05.08.2009 11:53

das klingt ja fast nach: ich bastel mir meine Band.
Bin mal gespannt wie sich diese Mischung anhört.

05.08.2009 11:54

Würde darauf nun nich allzuviel geben. Habs nur so im Radio gehört, dass Josh an den Drums sitzen soll. Hab dazu im Netz noch nichts gefunden. Mag auch einfach sein, dass da wer was verwechselt hat bzw. wer keine Ahnung hat

05.08.2009 12:09

Lt. NME sind auch schon Gigs in England geplant für die nahe Zukunft. Vielleicht fällt da ja was für Deutschland ab

07.08.2009 10:21

Das album wird NEVER DESERVED THE FUTURE heißen und soll schon im November 2009 erscheinen.

10.08.2009 10:43

das erste Video von gestern.

Dave Grohl an den Drums, Josh Homme an der Gitarre. Wie erwartet. Auch wenn man kaum was hört, klingt am ehesten nach Queens of the Stone Age.

10.08.2009 10:57Supporter

Stebbard schrieb:
Dave Grohl an den Drums, Josh Homme an der Gitarre. Wie erwartet.

ähm... nicht?

Stebbard schrieb:
Josh Homme soll lt. Newsmeldungen an den Drums sitzen, nicht Dave Grohl.


10.08.2009 11:01

Ja, das hab ich wirklich so in 2 Newsmeldungen im Radio gehört. Hab ja bewusst von soll geschrieben, nicht dass er es tut War mir da schon unsicher, ob da nicht einfach nur die Redaktion Ahnungslos war bzw. geschlampt hat.

10.08.2009 14:55

Chicago Tribune:

Concert review: Them Crooked Vultures at Metro
The term “super group” gets thrown around way too often in rock, but in the case of Them Crooked Vultures, it applies.

The group consists of the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl on drums, Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme on guitar, and Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones on bass and keyboards. The trio made its international debut and capped off Lollapalooza weekend in Chicago with a 75-minute performance that began at midnight Monday at a jam-packed Metro.

Grohl discussed his hopes for the group as many as four years ago, and the three have been working on an album in Los Angeles this year. But the music has been a mystery; none of the tracks has leaked on the Internet, and the group’s future plans are shrouded in secrecy. After debuting a dozen songs at Metro, the group made it very clear that it’s not only for real, but also has the chance to be the exception to the super-group rule. Most of these Frankenstein projects usually end up being less than the sum of their parts, but Crooked Vultures sounded like it was on to something fresh, invigorating and just plain nasty.

Grohl is in many ways the linchpin. One of the great drummers in rock, he was the man who put the wallop in Nirvana, and also anchored the finest Queens of the Stone Age album, “Songs for the Deaf” (2002). His work on this night was astonishing, a clinic in brute force and finesse that was exhilarating and exhausting to observe at close quarters.

Homme handled lead vocals and guitar, and was unusually clear-eyed and affable, playing with more precision than he usually musters in Queens. And Jones, whose music with Led Zeppelin is an obvious touchstone for both his bandmates, was a huge presence with his variety of four-, six- and eight-string basses, a match for Grohl’s power and a counterpoint for Homme’s melodies. The group was rounded out by Queens alumnus Alain Johannes on guitar.

The set’s foundation was hard rock and hard edges, with Jones and Grohl going toe-to-toe in the engine room. Homme played more with texture and layering sounds on his guitar, the first memorable riff showing up four songs into the set on “Dead End Friends.” His high vocals were often bolstered by harmonies from Grohl, Johannes and even Jones. There were a couple of red herrings: “Bandoliers”” flirted with tenderness (Homme introduced it as a love song) and “Interlude w/ Ludes” came off as a prank, with Jones on keytar and a shimmying Homme in lounge-crooner mode. Otherwise, it was wrecking ball time, with the arrangements sometimes taking several turns before resolving.

Two epic tracks stood out. “Daffodils,” which hinted at psychedelia with reverb effects on the vocals and a massive bass tone, was capped by a Jones piano solo. And “Warsaw” ebbed and flowed, winding down to a low-key guitar-bass exchange before building back up into a slamming finale.

History tells us that super groups usually don’t last very long. But at least this particular one is off to a rousing start.

[email protected]

Them Crooked Vultures set list at Metro:

New Fang
Scumbag Blues
Dead End Friends
Mind Eraser
Interlude w/ Ludes
Nobody Loves Me

10.08.2009 17:38


After three days of extreme sweat and fatigue from running between stages in Grant Park for Lollapalooza (post TK), ordinarily there'd be zero appeal to a midnight Sunday show in an overcapacity rock club without a working air conditioner. But there was nothing ordinary about last night's gig at the 1,100-person Metro in Wrigleyville. And it went even deeper than the trio of marquee rock stars at the center of it all: with record leaks having killed the "event" of the album release, and YouTube and music blogs (ahem) making it impossible to resist hearing a band's new live songs before they come to your town and present them personally, there's no such thing as a communal listening experience anymore. But this was one time where everyone was in the same boat. Nobody knew what to expect from Them Crooked Vultures, aside from that Dave Grohl/Josh Homme/John Paul Jones lineup that sounded like an alt rock holiday party in-joke gone too far -- not a song's leaked, not a descriptor afloat aside from Dave's 2005 assertion that this group "wouldn't suck." He didn't set the bar high, but hey. He was right.

Before the show the Metro sidewalk was a mob scene, or at least a mob scene for midnight on a Sunday on the heels of a three-day festival with the sort of weather conditions that should have sucked dry these people's wills to live, or wills to see music live. People on the sidewalk joked they wouldn't give up their tickets for anything less than $2,000, although I suspect that wasn't much of a joke at all. Once inside, those same people probably would have paid that amount to get an air conditioner, but no matter: the Metro was a sweatbox, the transferred perspiration just one more thing bonding all those in the room holding essentially a priceless ticket. And out walked Them Crooked Vultures shortly after midnight.

The band: Josh Homme on guitar and lead vocals, Dave Grohl on drums, John Paul Jones on you know what. Plus, for last night's show at least, there was a fourth Crooked Vulture: longtime Homme affiliate Alain Johannes held down rhythm guitar and joined Grohl and Jones on the occasional backing vocal and hollerback harmony. A supergroup of three big names with a lower-profile fourth? Familiar. Last night I called them Monsters Of Rock.

The music was full of big riffs and QOTSA stomp and grit, occasionally proggy segues melding dirty blues rock to a more alt, grungy thump. Grohl may have slipped into his Bonham worship mode on the big beats and bigger fills, or maybe that's just what you hear when half a band's rhythm section happened to be in Led Zeppelin. Josh, for his part, is not Jimmy Page. Nor is he Robert Plant. He's Homme through and through, and in taking vocals and guitars he more than defines the dynamic. So ultimately it was a Homme-led affair that was QOTSAy in its essence with overtures to the other dudes' primary affiliations at the periphery. There were outliers, naturally: "Daffodils" was a spacey, psychedelic epic closing with a John Paul Jones piano outro (and subsequent show-stopping applause), another featured a long jazzy improv with JPJ taking the bass for a walk under a fiery two-guitar solo session that hit sorta like a steroidal Allmans jam.

Songs had titles like "Scumbag Blues," "Caligulove," "Interlude With Ludes," and "Bandoliers." There were something like 14 of them in total I think. There was no encore. It wasn't particularly innovative, and it wasn't always interesting, but that set-closer, "Nobody Loves Me"? Awesome. That's your big-riffed hit right there. Which means we'll probably have it for you soon. And with that many original songs already under their belts, we'll probably have a full record to report on for you soon, too.

In the spirit of an old-school communal listening experience, cameras and the like were forbidden. That said, we'll include a/v footage when it surfaces.

Liest sich alles so, als könnte es was ganz gutes geben

12.08.2009 10:11Supporter

ja, doch, der teaser erfüllt seinen zweck...

edith stellt fest, dass ich vom Teaser nen Ohrwurm hab... [addsig]

12.08.2009 11:20

Album kommt laut Flyer in Amerika am 23.10.09 in
den Handel


12.08.2009 12:17

ich bin sowas von gespannt auf dieses album. und vor allem auf deren tourpläne


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