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  • pyik pyik 02.06.2014 17:15 Uhr
    Hey! It's my first time there and I have some questions.

    Im flying to Frankfurt on tuesday morning, and I have pretty much no idea how to deal with the traveling...

    The receptionist from my hotel told me that take a train to Koblenz, then take a train to Andernach and then come to their hotel by bus. Is there busses driving enough? My hotel is Hotel Eifelstube, cause I'm not bringing a tent and camping items alone.

    Any1 here who's staying at Hotel Eifelstube, and I could join your car? Or what is the easiest way to get from Hotel Eifelstube to RaR? Hitch hiking? Stealing a bike, lol?

    So, all tips about traveling from my hotel to festival area are welcome!

  • CPomposo CPomposo 02.06.2014 19:07 Uhr
    You should be fine on Tuesday at what time is your flight?

  • pyik pyik 02.06.2014 20:02 Uhr
    Hey there!

    My flight is going to be at Frankfurt like 10.00 o'clock on tuesday morning. Going to take some trains and trying to sort out the schedules.

    My plan was to rent a car, but now it seems you can't if you don't have a credit card, and I don't

  • CPomposo CPomposo 02.06.2014 21:26 Uhr
    Oh you will be more than fine so you have to be at 8 right? Ok where are you exactly so I can have a look in to trains for you.. Shame you are leaving Monday if not I would give you a lift

  • CPomposo CPomposo 02.06.2014 21:31 Uhr
    What is your nearest train station?

  • pyik pyik 02.06.2014 21:36 Uhr
    Yo again,

    I'm staying at Hotel Eifelstube, Bahnhofstrabe 4, Weibern, 56745

    Can you also link the train website over here pls? My hotel should be on road 412.

    I'm leaving Germany on tuesday 10th, but not sure which day I'm leaving Nurburgring.

    I just came from stockholm last evening, and going to oslo like straight away after RaR so...

    cheers for your help! bedtime now, bus leaving to airport under 5 hours--->

  • CPomposo CPomposo 02.06.2014 21:58 Uhr
    Right so knowing this your best and cheapest bet will stay on Monday night in koblenz or remangen, you can get trains there really cheap and fast go to this web site..
    DB bahn
    All the trains connections are there... Any help you need let me know

  • CPomposo CPomposo 02.06.2014 21:58 Uhr
    Or also you can stay Monday night in frankfurt

  • gjkillspeople gjkillspeople 02.06.2014 22:49 Uhr
    It will be very difficult for you, to get to the festival site without a car. Is it possible to cancel the reservation? Then you could buy a cheap tent on the way and join the campingparty! Otherwise you have to go by cab, which would be very expensive.

  • CPomposo CPomposo 02.06.2014 23:04 Uhr
    Hi gjkillspeople... Can I ask you a question I also travel from Barcelona but staying in Adenau... Is it easy from there to get to the festival?

  • gjkillspeople gjkillspeople 02.06.2014 23:23 Uhr
    Adenau is way closer to the Nürburgring, so a cab won't be that expensive, especially if you share it.

  • MrElke MrElke 02.06.2014 23:28 Uhr
    Still a taxi won't be cheap from adenau.

  • pyik pyik 03.06.2014 03:17 Uhr
    hey and good morning last time before frankfurt flight!

    damn, sad to hear that i have a problem. i mean the way to get to the festival area and back from my hotel...

    receptionist told me, that i could ask other festival visitors to drive me to the area and back. i just really hope there are lots of them in my hotel!

    do you know is there lot of traffic on the road number 412? for hitch hiking.

    or how much is a taxi cab from the area to the hotel?

    there is no any public transport from road 412 to RaR?

    ty really much guys! now i will typing you next time from germany, while holding a Beck's

  • GraveDog GraveDog 03.06.2014 07:16 Uhr

    that hotel is some 35 km axay from the festival and for that not many people will go back and forth every day. Maybe you have good luck and find some people in that village that also have tickets and want to go.... just ask

    If not... hitchhiking is possible, but public transport probably not so much. In that Area I'd think that buses probably go only twice a day or sth like that.
    Taxis will be expensive.... I don't know ho much, but I'd not be surprised if it was up to 50€ per trip.

    I wish you best of luck to find people to drive with.
    Enjoy the festival

  • gjkillspeople gjkillspeople 03.06.2014 11:41 Uhr
    I don't think there is any public transport. Hitchhiking should be easy on thursday. Just hold a big RAR-Sign and look innocent I hope, you get a ride for all days!

  • pyik pyik 03.06.2014 15:46 Uhr
    hey guys,

    lol i just get to the hotel and im thinking ''omg, what i've done...''

    not sure what my plans are, but this is really bad place to get to the festival area....

  • Langer_jk Langer_jk 03.06.2014 15:53 Uhr
    Yes indeed...
    20 km and 21 minutes without traffic jam..

    Sounds like a bad planning..

  • Langer_jk Langer_jk 03.06.2014 15:55 Uhr
    In the next town Kempenich is a supermarket (EDEKA i guess)
    Maybee you go there around noon and ask some of the festival people for a ride to the Nürburgring.
    So you have only the problem to get back to the hotel after the festival..
    Here ask the hotel reception for the phone number of a cab.
    A rental car would be a better solution, but this is now to late I guess

    Thats the only idear I have

  • gjkillspeople gjkillspeople 03.06.2014 17:02 Uhr
    I feel with you! Did you ask your hotel, if it is possible to cancel your reservation? I don't know, how your financial situation is, but I would not spend up to 400 bucks for cabs.

    My suggestion is to buy cheap camping stuff tomorrow and stay at the festival site. From Weibern there is a bus to Mayen (ask your hotel for a schedule). Get out of the bus at Mayen Ostbahnhof, nearby there is a shop called 'Dänisches Bettenlager', they sell really cheap camping stuff this week:
    There are 2 or 3 gas stations next to this shop and you should easily find other ringrockers to give you a ride to RAR. Once at the ring, ask the marshalls for campingground B5 (it's one of the biggest with a lot of party and it is already open on wednesday). Just ask big groups, if you can join their camp. Most people are really forthright and nice at RAR.

  • pyik pyik 03.06.2014 18:20 Uhr
    ty for tips, i just came from Mayen

    there should be few more ringrockers in this hotel tomorrow, so the reception will ask them for a ride for me. yep, as Langer said, biggest problem is to get back at night. not sure am i going to spend money on cabs.

    is there any safety-locker at camping side? i think i cant cancel this resevation

    yeah i learnt to do better planning next time... did it in a hurry and now i might miss this whole thing.

    ill be writing more tomorrow, now i just feel pissed cause i did wrong

    ty a lot for tips guys!

  • pyik pyik 03.06.2014 18:42 Uhr
    heyaa again,

    talked with the receptionist and there should be lot of ppl coming and going from Weibern. hotel owners friends so i will have a lift ( pheeeew)

    also called a taxicenter, so the price will be around 30euros, so that's for sure if i dont get any other drive at night.

    going to ring by bus should not be a problem


  • CPomposo CPomposo 03.06.2014 19:23 Uhr
    I have the same problem as you.. Even if you stay close like my self that I'm staying in Adenau you are screw to come back at night.. And also what really annoys me is that they offer shuttle busses but no way to go back to the near by cities.. Of all the festivals I have been this is one with a very bad organization on their behalf!

  • Bono1 Bono1 04.06.2014 10:25 Uhr
    hi, you`re right, the bus shuttles only drive along the camping areas around the festival!
    I think they don`t drive to the city of adenau at night, because there is no demand...it`s not worth it .....allmost all going to camp

    during the day it`s no problem to come to the festival area, because soo many nice people live in adenau, also in kempenich/weibern, and give you a free ride

  • CPomposo CPomposo 04.06.2014 11:07 Uhr
    Well I hope so .. Because now I'm 110€ short as I have to catch a taxi to koblenz on Monday morning to get on time to get my flight!! I was thinking staying in koblenz but you can't go back then Adenau you can't go back... Really bad organize.. I just hope I have a ticket I bought it to collect there...

  • Bono1 Bono1 04.06.2014 11:19 Uhr
    You have a flight on monday morning from frankfurt?
    Why are you going to an hotel in adenau? No camping?
    Koblenz is an nice town, but 60km away from the Ring

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