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Camping and travelling questions from Turkey

eröffnet von tanembasaraner am 01.06.2014 13:16 Uhr - letzter Kommentar von Kaan

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  • tanembasaraner tanembasaraner 01.06.2014 13:16 Uhr
    Hey so i wanted to know the times of the shuttle buses from koblenz and if It is better to go by normal bus to Eifeldorf?
    And also, What is the best camping areas? I dont want green camping though :/

  • tanembasaraner tanembasaraner 01.06.2014 13:26 Uhr
    thanks What about camping areas?

  • tanembasaraner tanembasaraner 01.06.2014 13:36 Uhr
    are the red places green camping ?

  • getalife getalife 01.06.2014 13:39 Uhr
    nope, they are car parks. green camping are the green places with the light-green stripes, D9 at the right hand side for example

  • sphVKarma9 sphVKarma9 01.06.2014 13:40 Uhr
    The green areas with stripes are the green camping grounds, the red ones with stripes are where you can park your car for green camping.

    E: War wer schneller

  • tanembasaraner tanembasaraner 01.06.2014 13:46 Uhr
    And which one is the NORMAL camping? sorry i am really confused ahah

  • sphVKarma9 sphVKarma9 01.06.2014 13:50 Uhr
    No problem The green areas without stripes are normal camping grounds

  • tanembasaraner tanembasaraner 01.06.2014 13:54 Uhr
    Aw thanks a lot ! I am thinking about b2a or b3

  • Kaan Kaan 01.06.2014 13:56 Uhr ADMIN
    That's where almost everyone wants to go. Depending on the day and time you'll arrive, you'll have a chance to find a spot there. The earlier, the better.

  • tanembasaraner tanembasaraner 01.06.2014 14:01 Uhr
    I think I will be there at 14:30 on wednesday D: And does anyone know any group of friends coming from turkey? My german really sucks and it would be great to have some help

  • Kaan Kaan 01.06.2014 14:55 Uhr ADMIN
    Unfortunately I don't know of any turks going there. Although I have a turkish father I don't speak Turkish well which is a shame, I know. So I won't be any help, sorry. But I'm sure that you might find some people talking Turkish.

    But you shouldn't worry about your German anyway. Most people speak and understand English.

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