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Ticket sales start

eröffnet von mesohorny am 30.08.2010 18:07 Uhr - letzter Kommentar von Squig

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  • mesohorny mesohorny 30.08.2010 18:07 Uhr
    hey there,
    when do ticket sales usually start?
    wanna buy a hard ticket for rar'11

  • Klappi Klappi 30.08.2010 19:00 Uhr
    I think it started last year with the announcement of RAMMSTEIN in the beginning of october.
    I think that the hard-cover tickets has been printed in January 2010 - I got mine on January 20th, but they availeble befor...
    So somewhere in September/October the Pre-Sale starts...

  • Flippo Flippo 30.08.2010 19:26 Uhr
    I think it starts at Nov 1st.

  • mesohorny mesohorny 30.08.2010 20:33 Uhr
    so, autumn it is.
    i (pre)order a ticket, and they send it to me in january.
    am i rite?

  • KLL KLL 30.08.2010 20:52 Uhr
    That's right, but it could happen that they send you the tickets a month later. The last years they did it in February/March, didn't they?
    Anyway, you have to wait a few days for your ticket if you pre-order them now

  • mesohorny mesohorny 30.08.2010 21:13 Uhr
    ok, i see.
    and how many hard tickets there are, does anybody know?

  • Steifi Steifi 30.08.2010 21:19 Uhr
    the hardtickets are not limited. 85.000 tickets will be sold and the people who order at "tickets per post" will get the hardcover tix. there is also enough time to order (several months). it's not like in the uk where the festivals are sold out after the first day.

  • mesohorny mesohorny 30.08.2010 21:23 Uhr
    nice, all clear now.
    thanks guys!

  • DitchNJ DitchNJ 05.11.2010 04:17 Uhr

    mesohorny schrieb:
    nice, all clear now.
    thanks guys!

    The English part of the information site says December 2010. So I'm guessing Dec 1st.


  • Squig Squig 22.11.2010 21:26 Uhr
    They start next Monday, Nov 29th, with the announcement of the third headliner.

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