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    Slipknotism schrieb:
    Yes, Rock am Ring and Rock im Park were sold out the past years. Currently there are still enough tickets available for Rock im Park (170€ for 4 days!). Rock am Ring is sold out already.

    I'm not too sure if there will be tickets on sale on the weekend. But if so, they will be very expensive! (for example: 250€ instead of 150€). Maybe postage costs will be lower than buying a ticket directly at Rock im Park.

    edit: please check www.parkrocker.net for further information on Rock im Park They also do have an english speaking forum: www.parkrocker.net/forumdisplay.php?f=713

    Thanks for your insight.
    4days! Oh! I got the wrong idea.
    I head Rock am Ring is more popular than Rock im Park.
    I'm not good at German, but I'll read the website.

  • minilogue minilogue 11.03.2010 12:02 Uhr in Front Of Stage Area
    Hi! Ringrockers,

    I head tickets for Rock in Park were sold out every years, and they sold today's tickets on the days.
    Today's(current) tickets are only 3days? or 3days and a day?
    Does anyone know about how much the cost every year?

    I'm planning to go to RIP from Japan, but I forgot to buy ticket before March 7th.
    The shipping cost is expensive, and I hesitate what to do. Should I buy a ticket early?