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  • steffi77 steffi77 in Pinkpop Festival 2010 (NL)
    naja das haben wir uns auch gedacht.. rein logistisch schwer zu schaffen die leute da erst ab 12 uhr draufzulassen.. das war halt die antwort die wir bekommen haben.. wir werden auf jeden fall auch früh morgens da sein..

  • steffi77 steffi77 in Pinkpop Festival 2010 (NL)
    hey andi..
    du hast recht, die seite ist wirklich nicht sehr informativ..
    auch wir fahren dieses jahr das erste mal zum pinkpop.. daher haben wir uns per email einige informationen geholt, evtl hilft dir das hier schon mal weiter:

    - When do the camp sites open? Is it really Friday, May 28th at 12:00? Or is it possible to set up your tents a day earlier if you pay a small fee for a day extra (like at some other festivals)? Because it sounds like it's gonna be pretty hectic if you want to set up your tents and finish with it till the first acts hit the stage!
    Campsites open at friday at 12. It's not possible to come one day earlier.

    - What am I allowed bring to the camp site? The english information says no cans, no glass and no campfires. Am I allowed to bring a small grill though?
    You can bring a small grill, but only small gascubes are allowed. Barbeques that can be used only once (throw-away) are also allowed. You can only use them on the Barbeque spots on the campsite.

    - What about stuff to drink (beer / nonalcoholic)? Am I allowed to bring drinking cans and how many? I read something about 12 cans on the dutch FAQ (at least I think so). Is this 12 per Person or 12 per Group?
    This is 12 cans per person.

    - Am I allowed to bring food-cans which I could heat up with these small blue gas cookers (which are allowed as far as I did understand the dutch FAQ)?
    Yes you are allowed to bring this.

    - Is it allowed to bring tetra packs and may I also take them to the festival area? If yes, do they have to be sealed or may I drink from them prior to entering the festival area?
    You can bring them on the campsite but noy on the festival area..

    wir werden wohl freitag früh vor Ort sein und dann mal schauen wann sie die leute aufs gelände lassen.
    lieben gruss