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  • avmrock25 avmrock25 in Copenhell Festival 2020 (DK)
    Hi, still a long time for the festival but as I'm interested of going for the first time I would like to ask some things (of course I mean you answer about what usually happened in recent years) I've been in Pukkelpop, Rock Im Park and Mad Cool so you can also compare to them

    1 when ticket sales is open?
    2 when first big announcement is announced? when the lineup is complete?
    3 how is the public transport in the city during the festival also late at night since I don't want to stay in camping?
    4 in overall what can you say about the festival? according to fun, the stages, sound, organization and anything else..

    thanks all!

  • avmrock25 avmrock25 in Rock am Ring 2019: Spielplandiskussionen
    Never been at RIP or RAR but might go to the park this year and saw this and another clashfinder and it seems that both quite sure that most or all remaining 9 acts will be really small and will play at the start of the day or at the small stage. don't you think there will be at least one or two pretty big names for last announcement? look how Slayer written in the lineup there is nothing like that on day 1 and 2 (for the RIP).. Katatonia maybe? I know they have dates in Germany but just announced for fortarock. any other acts you think about?

    as for the clash it seems quite possible, day one seems ok but it is the day with the less acts I'm interested to see. day 2 only hope that Graveyard will play between Godsmack and Tenacious D so won't clash with Slipknot, day 3 surely is the toughest one with low chance to see quite good acts at the Alternarena stage but anyway will be great day.

  • avmrock25 avmrock25 in Citadel Music Festival 2019
    Wow! thank you so much for that great answer!

  • avmrock25 avmrock25 in Citadel Music Festival 2019
    Hi! first post here, sorry I don't speak German but you can answer and I'll translate..
    I got tickets for both Smashing Pumpkins and ZZ Top at the Citadel Music festival and would like to know few things:
    * do you think there will be a opening act to each concert? I saw for example that Europe will play before Def Leppard but no opening act announced yet for those concerts.
    * how difficult is to get to the front rows? and since I saw in videos there are no screens how is the view and sound if I'll be way back?
    * are concerts really starts around 19:00 as written?
    * is there any festival experience at the venue? something else beside the concert?

    anything you can answer or add will be great!