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  • WouterN WouterN in English please: Cash or Coins
    And? Do you have your ticket allready? Did you ambush the postman at your front door?

  • WouterN WouterN in English please: Cash or Coins
    Ghehe, we're talking about the same Marcel, indeed! I was in the same class at school with Eline and Koen.

    Well, I would go to RaR as well this weekend if I'd have the chance, but unfortuntaly... Had to skip Pinkpop as well this year... With pain in my hart. But I'll go to Lowlands again this year! (bought the ticket allready)

    But have fun at RaR! Have you been there before?? Don't forget to load your car with everything you can bring, 'cause parkingplace is next to the camping (as opposed to Lowlands or Pinkpop)

    Ah, and the weekend after RaR I wont be at 'de Stam'... We'll after all those years a few weeks won't matter either.

  • WouterN WouterN in English please: Cash or Coins
    Haha, I know Peter, Jarno and Marloes indeed! I've been to Lowlands with them all.. Haven't talked to Peter and Marloes for a while, but I talk to Jarno every now and then.

    Then perhaps you know Eline and Marcel as well? And Koen? (the photo joiners in the Stam are his work)

    To be honest, you do'nt look familiar on the pictures, but I see some people I know as well, like Heleen. So, strange coincidence we don't know eachother then! after all thoes years going to the same cafe! Ghehe.

    Tim was our former drummer, he quit about two years ago now. Perhaps you've even seen one of our shows in the Stam?

    We'll, perhaps we'll see eachother this saturday!

  • WouterN WouterN in English please: Cash or Coins
    Ghehe, I'm there allmost every saturday and have been so for the last (let me think) 6 years or so. We must know eachother by face then!

    Now you make me curious who you are... You're probably not gonna mention your real name on the internet (I wouldn't either, allthough you allready guessed it right. ) Don't know any shirly's if my guess is right as well...

    I know this is all a bit offtopic, but I hope the mods won't mind.

  • WouterN WouterN in English please: Cash or Coins
    Hey, better late then never right?

    And apparently, no one posted anything here in all those years, so...

    But it's good to be back (for now )