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Isle of Wight 2021 Festival (UK)

16.09.2021 - 19.09.2021, Newport  Großbritannien
Duran Duran, Liam Gallagher, Snow PatrolUVM

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  • King1989 King1989 26.03.2021 10:24 Uhr Edited
    Festival promoter John Giddings said: "Our audience always has an incredible time at the festival and we’re thrilled with the line-up on offer for them. It’s a fantastic array of artists; from icons to emerging talent and not forgetting everything still to come from additional stages across the festival. Over the coming months we'll be watching and learning from the events taking place before us and, of course, liaising with all the relevant authorities to make sure everyone - audience, artists, staff, the community - is kept safe. See you in September!"

  • MisterCrac MisterCrac 27.03.2021 12:10 Uhr
    Hm, heißt das man rechnet in Großbritannien anscheinend damit, dass es bis zum Sommer nicht reicht mit der Impfquote, aber bis zum Herbst dann schon?

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