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Graspop Metal Meeting 2021 (BE)

17.06.2021 - 20.06.2021, Dessel  Belgien Noch 337 Tage

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  • songofjoy songofjoy 12.05.2020 09:41 Uhr
    Tja, also Maiden scheint schon mal raus zu sein.

    "May 7th, 2020
    I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and well, wherever you may be, and my continued thanks to you all for bearing with us so patiently.
    Due to the continuing health issues Worldwide around Covid-19 we regretfully inform you that Iron Maiden will now not be playing any concerts until June 2021.
    However, we are now in a position to give you details of our touring plans in respect to those shows we had hoped to play this year.
    Firstly, we are very pleased to tell you that we’ve managed to reschedule all our European own-shows on the Legacy Of The Beast tour for June/July 2021 with the exception of Moscow, St Petersburg, Weert and Zurich which unfortunately we have been unable to re-arrange in this period.
    To consolidate the tour routing, as you can see, we have added 2 further shows in Arnhem and Antwerp.
    We are in the process of inviting back all the Special Guests and supports who were due to play with us this year. Where any band is unable to commit to this due to their own rescheduling situations, we will look at finding other suitable acts of equivalent stature. The majority are already confirmed and can be found here.
    Re-arranging the headline Festival dates has unfortunately not been possible. This is mainly because we already had an extremely busy year lined up for 2021 and, as I’m sure you can imagine, a great deal of forward planning has already gone on and there’s only so much we can do within the timeline and logistics already in place. The band enjoy playing at Festivals so please be assured we will get back to as many of these as we can at another time.
    In respect of what should have been the opening leg of the 2020 tour starting on May 1 in Perth, Australia and visiting New Zealand, the Philippines, Japan, Dubai and Israel, we are currently working on a possible return to as many of these countries as we can, in some guise, in the first half of 2022, more news on that will follow at the appropriate time.
    The band are all fine and send you guys their best wishes, they are very much looking forward to getting back on stage next year and seeing you all so, please, continue to take care of yourselves and stay SMART.
    - Rod


  • blubb0r blubb0r 12.05.2020 11:04 Uhr
    Ähnliches hatte ich bei R+ ja vermutet, gibt viele Bands, die schon Verpflichtungen 2021 haben

  • PastorOfMuppets PastorOfMuppets SUPPORTER
    Aerosmith sind wieder für den Sonntag bestätigt.

  • BastiPhantasti BastiPhantasti

    PastorOfMuppets schrieb:
    Aerosmith sind wieder für den Sonntag bestätigt.

    Das freut mich schon mal.

    i Deep Purple, Judas Priest und Faith No More seh ich auch als sicher, da die Tourtermine da noch Lücken haben.

    Evtl wird deep purple einfach der vierte Headliner.

  • rockimpott2012 rockimpott2012
    + Rival Sons (ebenfalls am Sonntag, Selbstbestätigung auf der Website)

  • Honk850 Honk850 SUPPORTER

    PastorOfMuppets schrieb:
    Aerosmith sind wieder für den Sonntag bestätigt.

    Gibt´s hier normalerweise Tageskarten?

  • sckofelng sckofelng
    Ja, ca. 100€ pro Tag

  • PlugInBaby PlugInBaby
    Ja, gibt es.

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