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British Summer Time Festival 2020 (UK)

Datum: abgesagt, London  Großbritannien
Kendrick Lamar, Pearl Jam, Taylor SwiftUVM

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  • RedForman RedForman 09.03.2020 18:09 Uhr
    Klingt mega!

  • Honk850 Honk850 09.03.2020 18:09 Uhr SUPPORTER
    Sehr schön. Da ich eh für PJ vor Ort bin werd ich den Tag wohl auch mitnehmen. Für mich eine gute Alternative zum EM Finale.

  • Cody Cody 09.03.2020 20:44 Uhr
    Gwen Stefani könnte ja ruhig auch in Deutschland Konzerte geben.

  • nort nort 09.03.2020 21:15 Uhr
    Hab Gwen Stefani vor zwei Wochen in Vegas gesehen. War richtig gut gewesen, viel Show und Tänzer. Würde ich mir wieder angucken

  • Cody Cody 08.04.2020 19:30 Uhr


  • Honk850 Honk850 08.04.2020 19:47 Uhr SUPPORTER
    ich hatte mich so auf PJ gefreut!

  • concertfreak concertfreak 08.04.2020 19:53 Uhr
    War ja klar.

  • blubb0r blubb0r 08.04.2020 20:15 Uhr
    joar, dann halt 2021 mit Elton John und PJ

  • Honk850 Honk850 29.04.2020 20:36 Uhr Edited SUPPORTER
    Kam heute per Mail

    We are disappointed that BST Hyde Park will not be returning to London this summer, however it will be back in 2021 and the promoters of the event are still working with the 2020 headliners on the possibility of them returning next year.

    To avoid disappointment and secure your spot in 2021 we recommend holding onto your ticket/s which will be fully transferrable if 2020 headliner shows are re-confirmed. 

    We will contact you by 13th May with information of any re-confirmed headliners and you will of course still be able to request a refund if you are unable to attend. If the new event is not confirmed you will be automatically refunded at this point and no further action will be required.

    We’re working hard to see if we can get your events’ new 2021 date confirmed before automating a refund, so as to give you the best chance of seeing the show next year. If you would prefer not to wait until we have this confirmed, you can request your refund today.

  • Honk850 Honk850 13.05.2020 23:42 Uhr SUPPORTER
    Der 13.05. ist fast vorbei. Vielleicht kommt ja zumindest bis zum Ende der Woche noch eine Info.

  • blubb0r blubb0r 13.05.2020 23:45 Uhr
    festicket sagt, dass morgen die mail kommt: twitter.com

    Also abwarten..

  • JackD JackD 14.05.2020 08:39 Uhr

    blubb0r schrieb:
    festicket sagt, dass morgen die mail kommt: twitter.com

    Also abwarten..

    Aber die Deadline um einen Refund zu bekommen ist gestern abgelaufen?

  • blubb0r blubb0r 14.05.2020 08:40 Uhr Edited
    Nope, nicht alles, was auf efest steht, stimmt

  • Linus van Pelt Linus van Pelt 14.05.2020 08:59 Uhr
    Ich hab ja die Hoffnung, das dann auch gleich alle neuen
    Pearl Jam Daten kommen

  • JackD JackD 14.05.2020 09:06 Uhr

    Ich hab ja die Hoffnung, das dann auch gleich alle neuen
    Pearl Jam Daten kommen

    Wäre toll.

  • Linus van Pelt Linus van Pelt 14.05.2020 09:16 Uhr
    Mail ist da...gibt jetzt doch das Geld zurück

  • Honk850 Honk850 14.05.2020 09:16 Uhr SUPPORTER
    Die Mail ist da:


    Following on from our email to you on Wednesday 29 April, we are contacting you again with an update from the organisers of BST Hyde Park 2020.

    "The challenges caused by COVID-19 continue to affect the global event industry. After regular consultations with the artist community and The Royal Parks regarding the ongoing crisis, we will continue to monitor the situation before announcing our 2021 programme of artists. As a result, we believe that the best course of action is to automatically refund all ticket holders whilst this process continues. No further action is needed from your side.

    Whilst we continue our discussions with the artists, we want to reassure fans that you will not miss out and if your 2020 headliner confirms for the 2021 event, you will be given priority access before the general on sale to repurchase your tickets for that show. Full details will be released upon artist announcement.

    You are very much at the core of our 2021 event planning and we would love to hear your thoughts, so if you could please spare us no more than 3 minutes by filling in this survey, we in turn will do everything we can to make BST Hyde Park 2021 the best one yet.

    We are hugely looking forward to sharing our 2021 plans with you all and returning to Hyde Park for another incredible summer series."

    Following this statement and in line with our standard policy, AXS aim to refund the payment method used for purchase within 14 business days. (During these unprecedented times our customer service department are very busy – on occasion, it may take longer for funds to credit your account).

    We look forward to updating you as soon as 2021 plans are ready, and seeing you all again soon.

    Team AXS"

    Hatte mir ein wenig mehr davon versprochen! Man scheint sehr vorsichtig geworden zu sein.

  • blubb0r blubb0r 14.05.2020 09:24 Uhr

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