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  • roxar roxar 10.05.2016 20:44 Uhr
    STEREOGUM: During the Slowdive reunion, you guys had talked about the possibility of doing another Slowdive album, too. Is that still on the table?

    GOSWELL: It’s being recorded right now as we speak. So, yes it is. The guys have been in the studio for the last couple of days doing some drum and bass tracks. We did quite a lot of recording last year. We spent a few weekends last year. It’s quite difficult because we’ve all got children and we all live in different parts of the country. As you get older, it is quite a challenge. But we recorded quite a lot of music last year, and Neil has spent all of this year, in fact, in the studio piecing bits and bolts together, doing more writing on what we recorded. And we’ve got a lot of songs, and I recorded vocals on a couple about three weeks ago. I’m doing my vocals, as I did with Minor Victories, in my house because it’s convenient and it’s easy. Neil lives a couple of hours from me, and I’ve got my son to look after in between Minor Victories, and we’re going out to Austin with Slowdive on Thursday. Yep, it’s all in hand. We’re hoping to get it finished by the end of July, it’s all planned.

    (via: Stereogum)

    Wusste ich ja noch gar nicht

  • tobiwan42 tobiwan42 05.05.2017 11:28 Uhr
    Interessiert hier wohl keinen, aber das neue Album heißt Slowdive, ist heute erschienen und absolut großartig geworden

    1. Slomo
    2. Star Roving
    3. Don't Know Why
    4. Sugar For The Pill
    5. Everyone Knows
    6. No Longer Making Time
    7. Go Get It
    8. Falling Ashes

  • defpro defpro 05.05.2017 12:45 Uhr
    Klar, hatte heute Morgen schon seinen ersten Durchlauf und klang sehr ansprechend. Ist aber noch zu früh, um ein finales Urteil zu fällen

  • halfjesus halfjesus 19.06.2017 22:55 Uhr
    Großes Kino. Super dichte Atmosphäre und der Album-/bzw. Bandname ist mal sowas von Programm.

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