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System Of A Down Tour 2015

Alternative Metal, Glendale  Glendale (US) 3 Festivals
European Tour 2020
08.06.2021Zürich (Hallenstadion)

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  • Meisti Meisti 23.04.2015 19:06 Uhr SUPPORTER
    Jetzt schüttets richtig.. Boah wie ich gerne da wäre

  • AllerersteSahne AllerersteSahne 23.04.2015 19:11 Uhr
    Jep das wird eher mehr als weniger Regen. Mal richtig Geil.
    Find die Location auch nett mit den beleuchtetn Gebäuden. Und Serj grinst sich einen

    Ps. Die oma in der crowd gerade war ja auch großartig

  • ralf321 ralf321 23.04.2015 19:19 Uhr
    Habe die app auf dem ipad drauf Bild ist da aber kein Ton.
    Kann man das einschalten? Kann kein armenisch...

  • Stiflers_Mom Stiflers_Mom 23.04.2015 19:22 Uhr SUPPORTER
    error occurred, video could not be played

  • BROmageddon BROmageddon 23.04.2015 19:24 Uhr

    Stiflers_Mom schrieb:
    error occurred, video could not be played

    versuchs mal hier


  • Keyser Keyser 23.04.2015 19:24 Uhr
    Bei mir geht auch nix. Naja, bekommt man bestimmt noch später irgendwo zu sehen.

  • Stiflers_Mom Stiflers_Mom 23.04.2015 19:24 Uhr SUPPORTER
    doch, jetzt läufts über nen link von seite 20. mit proxtube

  • nima nima 23.04.2015 19:25 Uhr SUPPORTER ADMIN
    auf iant.tv läuft es gut. der tin ist jetzt auch deutlich besser.

  • sckofelng sckofelng 23.04.2015 19:28 Uhr

  • schuh91 schuh91 23.04.2015 19:28 Uhr
    Ahhhhh jetzt muss ich weg
    Hoffe es später in YouTube zu finden.

  • Keyser Keyser 23.04.2015 19:29 Uhr

    BROmageddon schrieb:

    Stiflers_Mom schrieb:
    error occurred, video could not be played

    versuchs mal hier


    Danke. Der schwarze Rahmen könnte noch weg.

  • Misery Misery 23.04.2015 19:41 Uhr
    Wie der Kameramann im Hintergrund bei chop suey mitsingt

  • Meisti Meisti 23.04.2015 19:43 Uhr SUPPORTER
    Aber teilweise ist die Stimme von Serj schon nicht mehr das Beste..

  • HybridSun95 HybridSun95 23.04.2015 19:46 Uhr
    ok. alles gut wieder.

  • sckofelng sckofelng 23.04.2015 19:49 Uhr
    Bounce bisher mein klares Highlight

  • mrgreen mrgreen 23.04.2015 19:56 Uhr
    Mmh teilweise sieht es mir so aus als ob die Jungs was aus Amsterdam eingepackt haben

  • sckofelng sckofelng 23.04.2015 20:21 Uhr
    Und wieder ATWA..

  • tschenneck tschenneck 23.04.2015 20:40 Uhr

    mrgreen schrieb:
    Mmh teilweise sieht es mir so aus als ob die Jungs was aus Amsterdam eingepackt haben

    Nichts neues, haben sich doch teilweise schon auf der Bühne einen angemacht

  • FBG FBG 23.04.2015 21:31 Uhr SUPPORTER
    War früher schlimmer

  • tool06 tool06 27.04.2015 20:11 Uhr

    Ich hab Daron & John in Eriwan getroffen! Was für ein Konzert!

  • sckofelng sckofelng 27.04.2015 20:29 Uhr
    Boah hast du ein Glück... ich hätte dafür echt viel gegeben

    Wie wars allgemein so? Würde darüber sehr gerne einen Bericht lesen

  • sckofelng sckofelng 27.04.2015 20:29 Uhr

    Nachricht geändert von sckofelng am 27.04.2015 20:29 Uhr

  • tool06 tool06 27.04.2015 21:10 Uhr
    Sorry I can only write it in English German would take me ages

    We have found a plane from Budapest to Kutaisi (Georgia) for a really low price (60€ for a return ticket), and all the other concerts were already sold out, so we decided to go.

    We have spent some days in Georgia, what a beautiful place! We got a minibus first to Tbilisi, than to Yerevan. It's only 450km, but the roads are quite extreme, full of potholes, snow, and cows, so it took us about 12 hours to get there.

    After having dinner 2 days before the concert, we started walking in the direction of System's hotel. Daron and John were drinking outside, guarded by their security & police. A guy started playing system songs on guitar, we and others from Iran, the USA, Russia, and other countries started to sing together. They quite liked it, their photographer Greg Watermann filmed the whole thing. Daron liked it too, helped to sing the solos as the player guy couldn't play them.

    We tried to convince him to play a song, he said it's his day off. But he will go inside the hotel, and sing a song in front of the Serbian minister's door - he will see if he really likes metal or not After waiting for 1,5 hours in the rain, we could finally take some pictures and get an autograph, something what I still can't believe

    Getting in to to concert was a pain in the ass, we were waiting from 8 in the morning. The whole area was closed, with policemen all over the city. They opened the gates around 4 pm, but the crowd broke down the barriers shortly after. There were other security checks later on closer to the stage, with iron detectors and so on.

    The concert itself was quite amazing, even though it was raining heavily the whole time. They let in umbrellas, so sometimes it was really hard to see. Longest setlist they have ever played, same songs as at the other stops but featuring both ATWA & Roulette. Serj spoke to the crowd some words in Armenian, but he mostly spoke in English. I've seen them on the two previous tours, I think the one in 2013 was the best. But this concert was so special for them and the Armenians, I've felt really lucky to be there! You could see that it's a free concert (people were going home because of the rain, you could see old people around, and less circle pits than usual ), but it also had it's positive side.

    We could see that the members of system are national heroes, and people really went crazy seeing them. Hundreds were waiting all day in front of their hotel, we were so lucky to go there on the first day - later it would have been impossible to catch them, so many policemen around. They have played half of their songs, and even though Serj's voice is not like in the old times, he sings quite well. Daron is as good as ever John and Shavo too, but they don't have to sing

    These countries are the best places I have ever been to, definitely going back as soon as possible!

  • BNPRT BNPRT 27.04.2015 21:15 Uhr

  • tool06 tool06 27.04.2015 21:20 Uhr
    Noch ein paar Bilder:

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