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Camping Stove Gas

eröffnet von RobinHood am 02.06.2014 10:34 Uhr - letzter Kommentar von Langer_jk

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  • RobinHood RobinHood 02.06.2014 10:34 Uhr
    Sorry to keep posting, I have one last question..

    Does the supermarket at the ring sell camping equipment such as this type of gas canister for a camping stove..


    We are unable to bring ours over from England.

    If it does not, we plan to travel to the Aldi in Adeneu on Wednesday to get more supplies, do you think this may sell them?


  • Mariobizkit Mariobizkit 02.06.2014 10:40 Uhr
    I don´t think the supermarket at the ring sell it, but maybe the gasstation near the nürburgring or drive to adenau, but i don´t know if aldi sell these items

  • weatherman weatherman 02.06.2014 11:24 Uhr
    If evrything fails, you can always ask the people on the campinground. Most bring more then they need and will trade them for a few cans of beer
    Actually i just saw we've got the same stove an about three of these ga-cans. I guess we could give you one of them! So if you want send me your number and we can meet!

  • RobinHood RobinHood 02.06.2014 17:48 Uhr
    What's your price?
    I think we plan to try and get a bus to Adeneau after we have set our tent up. If this is unsuccessful I might have to take you up on your offer! Thank you.

  • Nono Nono 02.06.2014 18:19 Uhr
    I think the REWE in Adenau will defently sell them. They know what the People need for RaR and Camping

  • Langer_jk Langer_jk 02.06.2014 18:43 Uhr
    Last year was also a truck near the Main entrance from "OBI" ( I think so) a toolshop.
    They sold such thinks..

    Also the hind from weatherman and Nono are helpful.
    You won't get a problem to find somebody who trades you such a can for 3-4 beers
    Aldi normally has not such gascans..
    At the Rewe or filling station you could be more lucky.

    Near the Eifeldorf is also a "Festival Supermarket" there you could also look for such stuff.

    Also it could be a phonecall worth to call the campside at the Nürburgring

    They should also have and sell such gascans..
    Good luck and keep rocking..

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