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First time from Spain

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  • CPomposo CPomposo 01.06.2014 01:22 Uhr
    Hi my name is Carolina and I'm traveling from Spain to the festival and I need help with some of the stuff..
    First I thought of staying in koblenz because it was easy to get there from the airport and apparently there are some special shuttle busses to the venue, then when I check there is no way to come back to koblenz on Thursday and Friday night.. And the last busses on Saturday and Sunday are at midnight wich means I will miss the headliners...
    So in look in to staying closer like Adenau but I can't come back to get my flight from Frankfurt on Monday because the first train is at 8;38 am.. So can I get any advice... Should I cancel my flights? Does any one knows how long does the shuttle bus from the venue to koblenz takes? Help please!!!! Really stress out here

  • Nikrox Nikrox 01.06.2014 01:28 Uhr
    Hey there,
    normally the easiest way to stay at the festival, is to take a tent with you and camp on the camping sites close to the festival ground. You could buy your stuff in Koblenz.
    The bus takes about a little more than an hour. Depends on the traffic i guess. But it's definitely to far, to travel to Koblenz every day.
    And I don't think you will get any hostel/hotel in Adenau. It will be booked out for sure.

  • CPomposo CPomposo 01.06.2014 01:54 Uhr
    Hi... And thank you very much for replying
    And yes I have a hotel in Adenau ... Thought of camping but I have the same problem for what I have understood with my little German is that the first shuttle bus will leave on Monday at 6 am to koblenz , if that is right and it doesn't take hour and half I might manage to get my flight back if not I'm screw... As apparently I have a train at 7:30 from koblenz to Frankfurt .. So shall I risk it or cancel my flights lose the money and reschedule for later flights?

  • Langer_jk Langer_jk 01.06.2014 02:02 Uhr
    I would reschedule the flight.

  • Nikrox Nikrox 01.06.2014 02:10 Uhr
    According to google maps, a normal car will need 45 minutes without traffic to the train station in Koblenz. But if you are travelling with a bus, which could have a delay, it can easily take 1 and 1/2 hour. I guess there is a lot of traffic, because the festival ends on Sunday night and a lot of people will leave the campingsites. I wouldn't take the risk of not catching the train and not catching your flight.

  • CPomposo CPomposo 01.06.2014 02:20 Uhr
    Thank you very much guys for your help

  • kirck kirck 01.06.2014 07:45 Uhr
    hola Carolina, nosotros vamos desde barcelona en coche, como dicen por aqui, es mejor estar en el camping, he leido que las aglomeraciones en autobuses y en toda la zona son bestias, es jodido porque toda la informacion esta en aleman,
    que tengas un buen viaje,

  • CPomposo CPomposo 01.06.2014 09:53 Uhr
    Hola kirck
    Si he leido lo mismo creo que me conseguire un taxi desde adenau a koblenz ya que anoche intente cambiar el vuelo y me sale 450 mas... No se que hacer y estoy super estresada.. No entiendo por que ofrecen shuttle buses si no hay como volver realms te no se que hacer!!! Aaaahhhhhh

  • Goauld Goauld 01.06.2014 10:41 Uhr
    Have you considered renting a car at the airport?

  • CPomposo CPomposo 01.06.2014 10:58 Uhr
    Yes I have and it is equally expensive because it would be a fve day rental...

  • ragcid ragcid 01.06.2014 10:59 Uhr
    a que hora esta tu avion desde Frankfurt a Barca?

  • CPomposo CPomposo 01.06.2014 11:05 Uhr
    A las 11 am asi que tengo que estar alli a las 9 am si alguien comparte taxi conmigo hasta koblenz seria lo mejor....

  • CPomposo CPomposo 01.06.2014 11:06 Uhr
    En el hotel donde me quedo me estan intentando conseguire un taxi por menos de 100 euros...

  • ragcid ragcid 01.06.2014 11:08 Uhr
    ok proque mi espanol es mui mal ahora en ingles

    I am checking if someone of us can bring you from RaR on monday to Frankfurt airport because the drive by it the way home...

    Status: checking

  • Goauld Goauld 01.06.2014 11:27 Uhr
    A car for 5 days is about 250 Euro (e.g. at europcar) Taxi is more expensive. Don't know how much rescheduling your flights is.

    Edit: someone taking you there is of course the most conveniend possibility

  • CPomposo CPomposo 01.06.2014 11:37 Uhr
    Thank you so much for your help.. Well if I reschedule my flight it will be about 450€ more as I travel with lufthansa and all the flights that day are sold out so only have one at 9:50 am in first class so that doesn't help ... And the car thanks will check in to it
    I really appreciate your help.. But was checking and taxi to koblenz will be about 150€ so I don't know will check both..
    Thank you so much!!!!

  • CPomposo CPomposo 01.06.2014 11:42 Uhr
    Ps ... Sorry to be such a pain.. But you know if it is easy to get around the area driving?

  • Goauld Goauld 01.06.2014 11:49 Uhr
    Yes it is. Maybe there will be much traffic.
    Normally you can ask for a navigation system.

  • CPomposo CPomposo 01.06.2014 11:56 Uhr
    Will look into it ... Thank you

  • Riffnroll Riffnroll 05.06.2014 01:19 Uhr
    G'day,I got a tax I today from koblenz to wimbach for 110Euro.It was about 100E when we went through Adenau.
    I'm an Aussie on my own travelling around europe and now for rock am ring.
    I have read that you are having a little bit of planning stress and I know how it feels.
    I did not have a perfect time getting to Wimbach from Barcelona.
    But I'm here now so if you need help or would like to have a drink let me know.

  • CPomposo CPomposo 08.06.2014 09:14 Uhr
    Hey Craig just saw your message my mobile +34667845444
    Contact me if you want to have a drink

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