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eröffnet von VicDor am 31.05.2014 13:23 Uhr - letzter Kommentar von SunnyBe25

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  • VicDor VicDor 31.05.2014 13:23 Uhr
    My gasthaus reservation just got canceled, but luckily I got a tent. I saw some very cheap apartments still available in Mayen, but they'll probably ditch me in the last minute as well. I started this thread intending to look for carpooling from Mayen to the ring, but now that I think about it, I rather keep close to the festival for its duration. So anyway, I'm 24, traveling alone, got a tent, staying at the Green Camping D9 area, looking for company. I also got a locker booked, so if ya need to keep some valuables safe, I'll be happy to oblige.

  • SunnyBe25 SunnyBe25 03.06.2014 21:40 Uhr
    Hey VicDor,

    I'm Sunny, 29 from Amsterdam. I'm travelling there alone too so it would be nice to meet you and hangout. One of my friend may join me but he is not sure yet.

    May be you can post/message me your contact number and I'll call you when i reach there.


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