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Tickets: Need Some Information

eröffnet von vitruvius am 28.12.2013 23:36 Uhr - letzter Kommentar von FBG

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  • vitruvius vitruvius 28.12.2013 23:36 Uhr
    Hey guys, I have some questions. I'd like to buy a ticket but there are too many choices and I couldn't find any information in English. All I need is a ticket which is valid for 4 days and includes camping. Which ticket should I buy?

    Also, I want to be close to the stage. Is there a ticket category like "front stage"?

    Is renting a tent possible or should I bring my own tent?

    Lastly, I don't have a credit card, but I have a bank account at Deutsche Bank which allows me to do online banking. Can I use it to buy the ticket? Or are there another options for me to buy a ticket without a credit card?

    Thanks in advance.

  • roxar roxar 28.12.2013 23:56 Uhr
    The easiest way is to buy the ticket via eventim. On the top of the page you can choose English as your language.

    The festivalticket costs 203,50 € at the moment. The cheaper one (for 62.00€-) does only offer access to a special camping site (it does not include the festival ticket). The more expensive one (for 313.50 €) is a combined ticket for two festivals ("Rock am Ring" and "Rock'n'heim").

    There are no such special ticket categories.

    I haven't heard of such an offer.

    Concerning your last question, here you find some answers: FAQ

  • Nightmare119 Nightmare119 29.12.2013 00:00 Uhr
    If you want to camp near the Festival ground you have to arrive very early (monday or tuesday)
    And you have to bring your own tent.
    Cheers, and have a Great time at Rock am Ring (i'm kinda drunk right now )

  • vitruvius vitruvius 28.01.2014 23:44 Uhr
    Two more questions:

    I still haven't bought my ticket yet, and on the rock am ring web page I see special price will end on Jan, 31. But how much will the new price be? Couldn't find any information about this.

    This is what I meant by front stage tickets.


    So, there is a gap which is clearly seen and separates the audience. How do people get the front part?

    Thanks again.

  • roxar roxar 29.01.2014 00:17 Uhr
    You don't need a special front of stage ticket to get into the front part... There are no such special tickets.
    You just need some luck.

  • m-e m-e 29.01.2014 00:22 Uhr
    after jan 31st, you can supposedly add another 5-10€/ticket to the bill. not set in stone, but its unlikely that they will raise it any further than 210€.

    as for ticket categories - rock am ring doesnt have those. so basically front of stage just means that you will have to be on site very early.
    (there will always be some fluctuation in between the acts, though you either have to be very lucky or very patient to get in. waiting for hour(s) is not that rare, depending on time/lineup)
    note that this only accounts for the center stage. the other big (alterna)stage has a different layout and setup thats a little more forgiving

  • SaarRocker SaarRocker 29.01.2014 00:24 Uhr
    There is no official information about the ticket price after Jan, 31. But I think that will be around 210-215... so 10€ more.

    And there are no front stage tickets. You have to enter the festivalarea early to get access to front part. There is a system with traffic lights. They turn red when front part is full and turn green again when some peole leave.
    So, first in time - first in line

  • JohnnyMetal JohnnyMetal 21.02.2014 15:32 Uhr
    theres an official information - 10 euros more...

  • Tschumy Tschumy 22.08.2016 16:13 Uhr
    Hallo Forum

    Ich habe mal eine Frage. Der Fred scheint mir vom Namen richtig zu sein.

    Meine Freundin hat personalisierte Tickets gewonnen. Sie kann leider nicht hin

    Kann man die Tickets verkaufen und eine Vollmacht anbei legen a la "hiermit verkaufe ich .... Tickets von ..... an Person XY "

    Mit Unterschrift und Kopie vom auweis ?

  • FBG FBG 22.08.2016 19:12 Uhr Edited SUPPORTER
    Kommt drauf an - kann akzeptiert werden muss aber nicht.

    Ich persönlich würde statt "verkaufen" allerdingsbein snderes Wort wählen und auf die Tränendrüse drücken ("mein blöder Chef .... Hund gestorben ... oä") kann auch nie schaden

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