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From First To Last - Throne To The Wolves

Hardcore, Los Angeles  Los Angeles (US)


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    Throne To The Wolves

    release: 16 March 2010

    From First To Last - Throne To The Wolves CD
    (Rise Records, 2010)
    Georgia's own From First To Last are back with their fifth studio album and a new label to call home. From First To Last have tightened their grip and are sinking their teeth in even further with "Throne To The Wolves," the highly anticipated album that marks their return to the indie music scene
    01. Cashing Out
    02. Chyeaaaaa!
    03. Elvis Said Ambition Is A Dream With A V8 Engine
    04. G.R.I.T.S.
    05. Going Lohan
    06. I'll Inoculate The World..
    07. You Me And The Significant Other
    08. The He Man Woman Haters Club
    09. M.O.
    10. A Soft War
    11. Now That You're Gon

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