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The Dresden Dolls - No, Virginia

Indie Pop, Boston  Boston (US)

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  • Kaan Kaan 16.04.2008 18:58 Uhr SUPPORTER ADMIN
    Dear Comrades.

    At long last, we are very, very very excited to unveil our latest studio effort, No, Virginia...

    About the Record:
    No, Virginia... is a collection of unheard treasures from the vault of the punk cabaret produced entirely by Sean Slade, the producer of Yes, Virginia.

    This record is a combination of old and very new.

    This is the tracklisting:

    01. Dear Jenny
    02. Night Reconnaissance
    03. The Mouse and the Model
    04. Ultima Esperanza
    05. The Gardener
    06. Lonesome Organist Rapes Page Turner
    07. Sorry Bunch
    08. Pretty in Pink
    09. The Kill
    10. The Sheep Song
    11. Boston

    The record is in a cardboard digipak (like our first two records - not a jewel case) and should be available at most retail outlets on MAY 20, 2008.

    As usual, the best place to order is direct from our website (they're doing an exclusive/limited shirt deal!).

    ich freu mich!

  • BueB BueB 16.04.2008 19:07 Uhr

    Wird auf jeden Fall gekauft!

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