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12.01.2019 09:04

Hi! first post here, sorry I don't speak German but you can answer and I'll translate..
I got tickets for both Smashing Pumpkins and ZZ Top at the Citadel Music festival and would like to know few things:
* do you think there will be a opening act to each concert? I saw for example that Europe will play before Def Leppard but no opening act announced yet for those concerts.
* how difficult is to get to the front rows? and since I saw in videos there are no screens how is the view and sound if I'll be way back?
* are concerts really starts around 19:00 as written?
* is there any festival experience at the venue? something else beside the concert?

anything you can answer or add will be great!

12.01.2019 11:04·  Bearbeitet

Hi, I try to give you a few short answers, please feel free to ask for details if necessary.

- Often opening acts are announced later. So keep an eye on the website. It is possible that there will be no opening act for the Pumpkins to allow them to play a longer set. But that is just speculation. The citadel has a strict curfew.
- It is easy to get a good spot in the crowd with great sound and views. Front row depends on the band and the number of tickets sold. Very easy for Prophets of Rage, harder for Nine Inch Nails.
- The show starts as stated on the website, but that could very well be the opening act if there is one.
- The citadel is a beautiful and enjoyable venue but it is not really a festival. So do not expect a festival experience. It is more like a headline show in a special place.


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I was there last year for the Nine Inch Nails and honestly said I was not that happy with the location.

It is next to a residential area and in the last years some of the people there had juridically forced that the concerts end at 22:30 and that the sound level is lower as usual.

I was there in the fifth row and the level was high enough to enjoy the concert but there was not that much pressure. During summer time most parts of the concerts are still in daylight. I assume acts/bands with a big light show or LED screens are less enjoyable as in closed locations.

Also all people have to go over a small bridge. So after the concert it could take 30-60 minutes to leave the location.